Virtualmin install script version 7.1.2 released

Changes since 7.1.1:

  • Add support for Kali Linux Rolling as Grade B system
  • Fix to always replace virtualmin.list and virtualmin.conf to avoid duplicates if installation is retried

Changes since 7.1.0:

  • Add support for Amazon Linux 2023 as Grade B system
  • Add support for setting up host default domain SSL with the new Virtualmin API
  • Add better error message when installed on unstable system
  • Add logging for host default domain SSL requests

As always, if you run into any problems with the new install script, let us know by opening a new topic, including a description of the problem, your OS and version, and any errors you get.

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Nevermind, it’s broken. I’ve rolled back to 7.1.0 until we can sort out what went wrong.

It will be fixed for Virtualmin Install 7.1.3. The real source of issue is sa-compile getting in conflict with our new exported tempdir directory (environmental variable).

Oops, I failed to sync after rolling back. It’s actually rolled back to 7.1.0 now. Jebus, what a mess.

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Hi, you can i help me?


That looks like you have the 7.1.2 version of the install script. You’ll need to start over (fresh OS install) and the 7.1.0 install script.

In the future please open new topics for problems.

Essa é a 7.1.0.


If you previous tried to install on the same system with 7.1.2, dpkg will be in an unconfigured state that’s kinda hard to get out of. I recommend starting from a fresh OS install.

I only used version 7.1.0 onthe VM

Hmm…I don’t know, then. 7.1.0 has been working fine for months! We have another new one just about ready for release, but I need to run some tests.

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@Joe, I’ve ran all the possible tests already. However, if you do yours, it’s even better. I suggest releasing 7.2.0 in your morning while both of us are going to be around for many upcoming hours!

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