Virtualmin Install On Ubuntu Desktop vs. Server

If I install Virtualmin on Ubuntu 20.04 Server Edition instead of Ubuntu 20.04 Desktop, will it result in much better performance / speed? Especially for serving php scripts and mysql queries? Has anybody compared the speed of the two configurations? Thanks

Depends on the specs of the machine, but in general you would see better performance on the server edition since no desktop services would be running.
Gnome with wayland and all dependencies easily take up a few GB shortly after startup, so if you can skip those all the better.

Just use the server version. There is no reason to have a desktop environment on a server.

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When I first got into running my own hosting, I installed Virtualmin on Ubuntu 18.04 desktop because I wasn’t very comfortable with command line. It worked, but all I had going was a test site and my system resources were already about 30% used.

I knew a desktop environment used a lot of resources but I had no idea it used up that much. So I went ahead and formatted and moved to the server version. I learned what commands I needed, installed Virtualmin, set up the same test site again and the computer resources weren’t being used hardly at all.

Down the road, I’m running 5 sites. Right about now I’m using the same amount of resources that I was with just a test site running the desktop version of Ubuntu.

So, yeah. Go with server and ditch the desktop. It just eats up so much of your computer it’s not worth having.

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