Virtualmin install issue in webmin

Hi Team,

I have installed virtualmin in my GCP account.It is installed successfully.But,it is not opening

Did you setup the necessary ports? You have to specify which ports will be available on your public IP.

What does “but it is not opening” means exactly?
Please tell what browser shows, what server logs say.

Maybe check if webmin is started as a service, or just installed, but not yet running.


Just installed but it is not running

First off, that is a bad idea. Delete your IP.

You don’t have your ports open, that’s why you can’t reach it. If you don’t know what that is, you need to hire someone to help you out.

The ports everyone is talking about are a Google Cloud thing, not related to Virtualmin, at all. If you are running services in Google Cloud you must specifically make those services available. Virtualmin needs you to open port 10000 (but you’ll also need the web ports, at the vert least, but maybe also others depending on what you’re doing with the server).