Virtualmin inside LXC or docker stories?


I’m tempted to use containers to simplify virtualmin installations, before I waste any time on the subject, has anyone any horror/success stories with running it inside containers?


I use it with CentOS since CentOS 5.x on a Proxmox using LXC.
And before using OpenVZ.
It works. No big trouble. Quota is disabled, sometime there are strange behauvoir with the NIC identification (not sure that it is container related),

Thanks for sharing Paul

Only difference some “power” users might notice is not being able to update to any kernal. The kernal will be what ever is the lxc host server is using. When it gets updated, all lxc clients get updated since they are all using it. There is no separate kernal for each machine.

I’ve moved from offering kvm to lxd becasue its much simpler to setup and replicate machines.

To make a point about PualVM quotas, if lxc/lxd is hosted on zfs file system, quotas per machine can be adjusted on the fly through zfs. Similar goes for adding memory or cpu. Can be added/subtracted anytime, live, no reboot.

Lack of quota support might be a show stopper though, think of wanting to limit email users etc.

I get what you are saying about ZFS and indeed if you are a single tenant, then it’s easier, but in a multi-user environment you do need that quota enforced.

Having had a look around the web though, it does looks like there is a way to use quotas.

TO be clear…with zfs, each lxc machine is assigned its own “file system”. That individual file system can have it own zfs settings, independently of any other lxc machine. So each lxc vm can have their own quota(hard limit), enforced by zfs. And can have their own individual settings for any other zfs property. Like compression or write-through cache might be something else that would benefit some vm’s and not others. Any of which can be adjusted interdependently of other vm’s and independently from the host’s own settings.

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