Virtualmin ignoring php.ini

Hello to everyone,

I have a vps with standard virtualmin installation. Everything was ok untill today, when i installed the suggested updates. I could not upload anymore with magento (php script) files bigger than 2 mb. So i launched a phpinfo() and i got that the values were totally different than the php.ini in etc/php5/php.ini. I think i got the values resetted to standard ones and for some reasons apache is not reading php.ini in home etc/php5 etc. Phpinfo tells that the loaded configuration file is that one but at the end this is not true. I have restarted apache and the server twice but it seems totally ignoring these php.ini settings. My .htaccess is not giving info about upload_max_size parameters. Php went back to 2 mb file upload limit. Both php.ini in home directory and the in etc have different values than 2 mb. What is it reading then? thanks for your help

On phpinfo() output you can see location of configuration file, under -> Loaded Configuration File.

Hi Imamo,
i already did phpinfo.

Loaded Configuration File /home/mysite/etc/php5/php.ini
but php is not reading it, no etc/php.ini and not even mysite/etc/php.ini. where should i look?

Please note you have server-wide php.ini file located in /etc/php.ini and one per each virtual server located in /home/username/etc/php.ini

hi guys

Problem solved when I increased the max execution time and the max parsing time