Virtualmin - how to debug abnormal ram usage by php fpm process?

OS type and version Ubuntu 20.08
Webmin version current
Virtualmin version current
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I recently purchased a pro license for my virtualmin from you, which is located at this address:
I have a couple of questions regarding this:

  1. I can check my server’s RAM load in these places:
    a) System Statistics
    b) System Information (Dashboard)
    c) Running Processes
    Which one is the most accurate?
    System statistics shows me much more RAM usage (e.g. 10gb instead of 4gb) than other places.

  2. My application in Gatsby and Wordpress has a large number of php-fpm pool processes. Am I able to find out from the webmin level where a given process came from, who called it?
    Unfortunately files and connection only points to different linux paths

Thank you for your response

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