Virtualmin Hosting Forum Guidelines

Howdy all,

This forum category is for hosting providers who offer Virtualmin and for webmasters who are looking for Virtualmin hosting. If you are either, post about it!

Some guidelines for hosting providers:
[li]Identify whether your service includes Virtualmin Professional or GPL. If there are extra costs for Professional, indicate it.[/li]
[li]Make hosting offers posts no more than once every two weeks. Responding to queries from webmasters who are asking for specific features or pricing is not subject to this limitation.[/li]
[li]Keep personal opinions about competitors services, offers, etc. off-list. If there appears to be misleading information in a post, or if a post seems to be in violation of one of the other guidelines, notify me privately, and I’ll take care of it.[/li]
[li]Keep all communications civil. This rule will be more strictly enforced here than in all other forum categories, since money is involved, and people are most sensitive when economic matters are discussed. If someone violates this guideline, let me know privately.[/li]
Some guidelines for hosting customers:
[li]Be specific about your requirements, but realize that providers generally have to offer relatively generic plans in order to streamline their operations. If you’re asking for extraordinary services, expect extraordinary pricing.[/li]
[li]Be specific about whether you need Virtualmin Professional or if GPL will cover your requirements.[/li]
[li]Remember that small hosts may not offer support that is available 24 hours a day. This doesn’t mean they aren’t a great provider, as the support they offer may be more knowledgeable and friendly than big hosts. But, if you need 24 hour support with five minute turnaround, you need a host that has a staff of dozens of people or more (and you’re probably limited to a few dozen providers world-wide). I’ve been involved in the web services business long enough to know that this is the single biggest source of complaints in the industry. So, think about what your needs are, and if they include “always available” support, ask for it and be prepared to pay for it.[/li]
[li]Do post about your experience with the hosting providers you find here, whether positive or negative. Hosts are permitted to respond to such reviews. Everybody should keep it civil.[/li]
That’s it.

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