Virtualmin GPS vs Virtualmin Pro

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Somebody have the list of all the differences between Virtualmin GPL and Virtualmin Pro ?

Because, I’m using Virtualmin GPL since a few month ago, and for one option (quota notifications) I will have to use Virtualmin Pro. But I want to know what is this other option I will have with this Pro version.

My second question is : Is there some script to transform my Virtualmin GPL to a Virtualmin Pro version or have I to totally reintall my server ?

Thanks a lot for your answers.

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you can find them here:
The live demo is also pro:

however, that list is a bit deprecated, the pro also includes a nice statistic manager for cpu/mem/io/… usage. I love the script-installation tool because it eases the integration of phpmyadmin, webmail etc.
It also provides reseller-accounts and some other fancy stuff (hard to tell them from my memory, you just use it and find a nice new feature every now and then :D).

Not to forget the support and the knowledge to support the further development :slight_smile:

regarding the gpl to pro upgrade:

“License Upgrades
When upgrading Virtualmin Professional licenses, it is never necessary to re-install or perform any changes to your license on your system. Once a license upgrade has been applied on our server (usually immediately after confirmation of your purchase, but if there is any delay, you can open an issue identifying the serial number and your order number, and we will manually process it), you can click the “Re-check Virtualmin License” in the System Information page to immediately update the license details on your system.”

from here:

Ok. I think I will purchase this Pro version.

Thanks a lot for you help KarlMoik.

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