Virtualmin GPL vs. Virtualmin Pro

Sorry for bothering, but I’m struggling to find a comparison list between Virtualmin GPL and Virtualmin Pro.
I’m a Pro user and a friend of mine is evaluating Virtualmin, but when he asked me what Pro does better than GPL I didn’t really know what to answer. GPL now does PHP over fcgi, the only other thing I could think of were the install scripts. But there must be something more? :slight_smile:


There’s a comparison between the GPL and Pro versions, as well as some competing software apps, available here:

The big features people enjoy in the Pro version tend to be the Install Scripts, and the Reseller capabilities. That, and the Premium Support that comes with Pro :slight_smile:

If you or your friend have any questions, feel free to let us know.


lol, how come i didn’t find that page? :slight_smile: thanks!

lol, how come i didn’t find that page?

Because it’s not linked from anywhere. :wink:

It’s kinda old and a little bit outdated and the style sheets don’t quite work right, so I need to spend some time with it to bring it up to current website standards.

Anyway, the key elements are Install Scripts (which are tremendous amount of recurring effort to maintain so will never make it into GPL, as we have to cover development expenses), reseller accounts, and most of the resource usage graphing features (though some of those are trickling down over time into GPL and Webmin core). There are quite a few additional features that aren’t in GPL, though it’s hard to keep up with which ones until someone asks where it is and I check the code and see that “Oh, that’s not in GPL.” In a lot of cases that just means we move it into GPL for the next release so we don’t have answer that question again. :wink:

If you’re making money with Virtualmin or you have a lot of sites to maintain, then Professional is probably well worth the money.