Virtualmin GPL updates?

I’m running two Debian 4.0 amd64 machines. One with Virtualmin Pro, one with Virtualmin GPL.
The Virtualmin Pro just got updated from 3.60 to 3.61, whilst the Virtualmin GPL still is 3.59.
Why is that?

It looks like the Pro version is the only one with newer packages available thus far, the GPL version only has 3.59 available in the repository.

3.60 is in most GPL repos. I think I did something wrong on the Debian/Ubuntu repos, though, so it got skipped. Oops.

3.61 will probably be rolled into GPL repos today. We kinda rushed 3.61 Professional because of a security bug in Joomla 1.5.x that needed to be dealt with quickly. GPL is not effected by that, since it doesn’t have Install Scripts.

I’m using ubuntu x64, still seeing 3.59 as of today…

yeh, still 3.59 here as well… i think the devels hate deb packages :frowning: