Virtualmin GPL Repo


Today marks a amazing start to one of our long standing commitments to the Virtualmin community, the immediate availability of our very own Virtualmin GPL mirror.

What makes this quite remarkable is that we’re not simply hosting the mirror on a single node, but across our global CDN network, all for FREE!

Many of you know me as a Virtualmin guru helping dozens of folks on the forums, and over private sessions. It has been my honor over nearly a decade to contribute to this amazing project, one which has provided a cornerstone to my own cluster of servers.

As a CentOS user, and supporter my mirror will at the moment be focused on the CentOS community of users. Also given the wide scale adoption of 64-bit architecture, I’ve further refined my selection down to ONLY providing access to it, meaning those who are still using 32-bit will need to continue using alternative mirrors.

To ensure the freshness of our CDN, we’re synchronising with the Virtualmin master server every 6 hours to make sure our content is current. This should allow updates published throughout the day to be picked up quickly.

Our CDN has servers in 18 countries, making it truly global in nature!

To begin using our CDN, simply make the following adjustments to “/etc/yum.repos.d/virtualmin.repo”

[virtualmin] baseurl=$releasever/$basearch/


*** PLEASE NOTE: the software CDN is presently in public beta. if you experience any issues, have questions, or feedback please contact me using one of the methods below. ***

Best Regards, Peter Knowles TPN Solutions

Phone: +1-604-782-9342
Skype: tpnassist

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