Virtualmin GPL Exim support

CentOS 5.3

I am looking to setup a dovecot/exim server with spamassassin and clamav support using VirtualMin. I see that virtualmin has Exim listed under Module Config / Mail Server to Configure. I selected Exim, saved the configuration, removed Postfix and Mailmain from the server (yum remove postfix, yum remove mailman) and then installed exim (yum install exim). All of that went fine, however Virtualmin doesn’t see the mail server at all. Under Service status it shows Mail Server as turned off (even though exim is running). When I click on the green arrow nothing happens, the page just reloads. When I click on Mail Server it goes to an exim folder with a few files in it. Not at all what I expected.

I understand that Exim support is experimental, but surely it’s further along than this =D What am I missing?

Yeah, I can’t offer a whole lot of assistance there, as most of us are Postfix users :slight_smile:

However, if it doesn’t work at all, you might want to go ahead and file a bug report using the Support link above. That may be a bug in Virtualmin’s implementation of Exim handling.