Virtualmin GPL ACL settings not set for enabled features

My apologies for a longish post but I couldn’t think of a short way to describe this :slight_smile:

When setting up a new virtual server in Virtualmin GPL, the ACL settings for the "Virtual Email" module are not setup. The server administrator gets an error message (You are not allowed to edit aliases/users in this domain) if they try to access the "Mail Aliases" or "Mail and FTP Users" modules.

Under the "Webmin modules available to server administrators" section in the Virtualmin module configuration (as root), I have "Virtual Email (for mailboxes and aliases)" set to yes. Under "Virtual server template details (Default domain owner limits)" in the server template, I have 5 mailboxes, 20 aliases set.

To me, this combination would allow access for the server administrator to create more aliases, edit existing, etc up to the set limits.

The only way I can get it working currently is to manually edit the "Server Owner Limits" after creation and enable "Can manage aliases" and "Can manage users".

Here are some specs:
OS: Mandriva 2007.0 (also replicated under CentOS 4.4)
Webmin: 1.300
Virtualmin: 3.26GPL (but issue since at least 3.21)

Not sure if this is a bug report or a feature request but I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one who has run into it :slight_smile:

Please let me know if you need any additional information

I have this same problem.
I wrote a post on this forum "Owner Limits??" at 10/18/2006, till today no replay.

Best Regards.