Virtualmin Free/GPL To PRO


I have Virtualmin Free/GPL version installed.

I bought a seriel for Virtualmin PRO (Order 20384).

When i put my serial, i have an error -> “Failed to upgrade to Virtualmin Pro : Your serial number and license key were not recognized by the Virtualmin Pro website”

Thanks Quentin.


My apologies, you may be seeing an issue with the updated website here. I’ve asked Joe to take a look, we’ll get back with you shortly!


Joe tells me that he just flipped the DNS switch to make the new license server live… and he thinks the error you’re seeing is because your server is still hitting the old server.

That is to say, once the DNS cache clears and it hits the new “” you should be good to go!

You may want to try that again now, as he did that a few hours ago.



Your solution solved my problem.

Thanks :wink: