Virtualmin for ‘public’ hosting on internal LAN IP ?

Hello all,

I have a VPS with Virtualmin GPL installed which I installed initially only for my site and for people I know personally. The VPS in on internal LAN with internal IP and ‘in front’ of it there is a VPS running PfSense Firewall.
I am now thinking to sell a few accounts in that VPS in order to make some money towards the total costs.
Having installed (first time) Vmin on an internal IP I realized some differences. One of them that the IP address that the users see is the internal one when they check the details of their account on the system. Also, the DNS record for the SPF automatically include the internal server IP when the SPF is enabled. Are those problems (apart from having to edit the records and include the public IP of course) ?

What is your opinion on such a setup for hosting sites of people that you basically don’t know?
It’s easy for me to NOT run on local IP and just assign a public one straight on the VPS along with CSF firewall however I consider it better to have a firewall which is outside the VPS so traffic reaches the VPS already filtered.

Your thoughts?


While it’s easier to host a server on a server that’s resides on a public IP address, you can do it behind a NAT router… however, one thing I’d recommend is going into System Settings -> Virtualmin Config -> Network Settings, and there, set “Default IP address for DNS records” to “Automatically detected external address”.

That will ensure that Apache correctly uses the internal IP, but that DNS records are given the correct external IP.