Virtualmin for Dedian


We are planning to use Virtualmin on our Debian Sarge Server looking through previous post on this forum I see The Debian version was being worked on in October/November, any ideas when it will be ready? I see no option to purchase it in the online shop.



I would realy appriciate an asnwer to my question or a respose to my e-mail.



Hi Dariush,

Debian is not yet supported. I am working on it as fast as possible, but the SUSE version has needed quite a bit of bug fixing, which has kept me well-occupied. I think I’m wrapping up most of those today, with a new proftpd package and apache2 package.

I suspect Debian will be available another week or two–I’m excited about the platform (and I’ve been playing with Ubuntu and Kubuntu on the desktop lately for fun), so I expect it will be the next OS that is supported. But supporting each OS properly (i.e. with native packages, doing things in the way that all other services do them) takes a lot more time than just bundling everything up into a big ball of software and unleasing it on the unsuspecting masses. :wink:


and now, when do you think tke debian version will be available?

Also waiting on Debian… I’d like to try this on an OpenSSI cluster too (Debian based).

Please notify me when a build is ready :slight_smile:

I’ve been waiting as well…

Maybe I can help speed things up!
I’ll give the developers access to my Debian Sarge box for testing. It’s sitting pretty much in it’s on class C (public) network (maybe 50 ip’s used on other hardware) and it’s a Xeon 3.0 Ghz, 1 Gig RAM, 130 Gig SCSI Raid-5 box just aching to be useful!. It has the GPL version of Virtualmin running at the moment and I have 5 domain names already pointing to it’s IP that can be used for testing.
The only thing I ask in return is that I get to purchase the Debian (and/or Mandriva since I use both) at the “Early Adopter” price.

Hmmmm… no reply…

So I’ll take the offer off the table, which is fine. I’ve been using it to get Dspam running with GPL Virtualmin and now that is done I’m going to make it live and start moving domains onto it.

Good luck! I’ll check back from time to time and see if the “Pro” Virtualmin can ever be purchased for Debian or Mandriva.

Hi all,

I’m not ignoring the Debian queries, really…I’m just embarassed that the Debian version isn’t available yet, so I’m a wee bit ashamed to show my face around this thread.

The short answer is:

I’m working on it. It hasn’t been as easy as I’d expected, but progress is now being made on both Debian and Ubuntu versions. I’ve even started building the packages (getting the packages built and tested is the hard part of the installer at this point), though I expect it will be another week or so before it is ready for use.

Mandriva is also on the agenda, but the installer crashes when run under Qemu and on both of my test machines (similar Mini-ITX Via C3 systems–a little oddball, but everything else runs on them, including the BSDs…but Mandriva doesn’t like them), so I’ve had a real hard time getting any traction with it. I’m also having a hard time working up the enthusiasm to actually work on the platform since it hasn’t even installed yet and it’s already been a giant nuisance. :wink:

Well, maybe I can still be of some help then. I’ve got the hardware to put together another server. It will not a Xeon, but a few PIII’s & P4’s are laying around. And I have my own mirror of all the Mandriva software, so I can build a box at 100mb ethernet (urpmi really rocks at that speed!).

Just let me know if I can help!

hi …

sorry, but my English is not the best, therefore I use Google for the translation.

I would use gladly Virtualmin with Debian Sarge. In the Shop I do not see however yet anywhere a version for Debian. Is there nevertheless already a version, which runs under Debian Sarge?


As far as I know there is only the GPL version available for Debian.

It has been promised about 6 months ago it would be ready in a few weeks. But looks like it has been stalled.

I myself am looking for this, and at the moment am losing money waiting for it to become available.

The longer I have to wait… the better chance I may have to move to some other system… it is only that I don’t want to do this, but the GPL version does not supply what is needed for customers on hosting compared to the other systems…

I keep promising the users I have on my system that soon any day now… but as it is I have lost at least 5 customers to other services in the last month due to functionality I cant provide that is only available in the Pro version.

I am planning to be getting into a large number of systems for hosting and the like very soon… and would really love this to come out as a Debian package in then next month or so.

If it needed to have Debian specific help, I would be willing to provide some of it… I have done packaging under Debian for a number of years now and could help with both Debian stable and Unstable.


Just to add to this thread for anyone subscribed:

Debian Sarge (3.1) on i386 architecture is officially supported by the Virtualmin Professional x86_64 arch packages are building now and will be available in the next day or so, which will also be announced on the news sections of the site.

Ubuntu is also being tested today and I expect it to be available tomorrow or by the weekend at the latest. Another news post will announce that support.