Virtualmin Email Alias vs /etc/aliases for Email Forwarding

I am porting my /etc/aliases from the old sendmail style email server and trying the best way to recreate them using the Virtualmin GUI.

Under Virtualmin I use Edit User -> Edit Mail Aliases -> Add an alias to this domain.
Under Name I add eg: someuser and check the box to forward to
I try to send a email to this alias I get the following:

An error occurred while sending mail. The mail server responded: 5.1.1 Recipient address rejected: User unknown in local recipient table. Please check the message recipient and try again.

At this point I did not add this alias as a email account. I fiddled with settings and then just deleted the alias.
I recreated my entry in /etc/aliases via Webmin and after newaliases/postfix reload I can forward to the other email domain as before.

How can I add aliases like my original setup by using Virtualmin? Do I have to create a email account and then forward to another domain to get the same result? Or is using Webmin/vi editor the only way to achieve the same functionality as the old sendmail system?

Update: I answered my own question. I see how Virtualmin adds the forward addresses to /etc/aliases. My only question is using Virtualmin, you are required to add a real user to enable forwarding of email? Sorry for the low level of the question.


You could add just an alias, if you like, and setup forwarding from that.

You can do that by going into Edit Mail Aliases, click Add An Alias to Server, and then setup a forwarding address.



I have a problem while sending an e-mail to alias, which resends the incomming message to multiple aliased addresses. If the message is sent to other mail accounts, everything works fine.

But as the alias contains another alias, which also resends e-mails to multiple addresses, the double forward doesn’t work and the server replies with: “unknown user”. All mails except of those contained in the 2nd alias are delivered.

Do you have some idea what’s wrong?