Virtualmin EC2 AMI Question?

Hi ,

I am testing your GPL AMI on EC2 and planning to purchase the liecence soon (i need various scripts on my websever in future).

I have few questions. I would appreciate the answers.

Q1). Is there any documentation that you can refer to the list of directories which are critical for virtualmin and needs to mapped or linked to EBS and the procedure of doing that.

At the moment i have only linked the database (var/log/lib) only. What other files do i need to map to EBS.

Q2). Is it possible to upgrade the GPL to new liecence on EC2 and what would be the price of that for less than 10 domains?


  1. The directories that are critical for Virtualmin would be :
    As for linking these to EBS, I guess you would need to create EBS devices and mount them on those directories, after copying files in.

  2. You can upgrade the GPL version on EC2 to pro just as you would for any regular install. Prices are at

Alternately, you could start up a new instance using our paid AMI for pro, and migrate your domains across.

Thanks Jamie for your responce, it would certainly help.