virtualmin e-mails storage partition (how change)

Hi i have problems i have two partitions in my server and the emails now save all in the home partition and i need to change the folder to /var how can i do this? how can i change the e-mail storage partitions?
how can i migrate the actual /home mails to the new /var



There isn’t a simple way to do that, unfortunately… Virtualmin was designed to be able to store email on the system in $HOME/Maildir for each user. There isn’t a simple way to change that to use an alternate location for email.

If you need a larger partition for /home – my recommendation would be to replace /home with a larger drive.


Yep, emails belong to a specific user, so they logically and strategically belong in the user’s homedir. :slight_smile:

Once you put a larger drive in your server, you can easily migrate the existing homedir to it using rsync. I’ve done similar things multiple times already… Though when using virtual machines, replacing virtual hard disks is a bit easier. :slight_smile: