virtualmin does not restore mysql database, when moving to a new server, but does not either, when restoring on old server

But where in a backupfile would i find the databases?
And why wouldn’t it backup the MySql database, even if all features had been selected?

Thanks and best

Update: i am using Webmin 1.900, Virtualmin 6.06-2 and an old Ubuntu 14, which i want to get rid of anyway.

The Dump Database in Webmin was successful, and i tried to import the database, but found out, that there was a database for the particular domain, but it wasn’t assigned to the virtual host. So i imported the local database first, and then the database dump.

Looks cool for me, but my cms claims, it cannot find the database, the credentials are twice doublechecked and correct, but no avail.

Any help truly appreciated, i have about 29 virtual servers to migrate from this old machine, and it drives me crazy, if it doesn’t work, as it was intended.

It could also be connected to postgres, which has been installed, but only used for two or three virtual servers, but i discontinued using postgres somehow, and thought, i would kill those databases and remove the feature, so it cannot interfere.

First, when i unchecked postgresql it said, i would have to enable mod_cgi, which i did, the second time it said this:

Apache configuration file /etc/apache2/mods-enabled/php5.conf contains SetHandler lines that prevent PHP from running with domain owner permissions. These lines must be removed.

which lines would i have to remove?

And why, in the first place, won’t i get mysql database in backup? All features selected anyway.


So i commented out those SetHandler lines, and now i have to remove the features from the virtual servers, now i had to remove all the databases with those virtual servers and remove the features as well. Which i did. So i try the backupthing commandline based again, after i found out, that, although the websites are working, on various virtual servers it seems to have lost the database. So database tab was empty, and i always reimported the various lost databases, that’s the reason why they weren’t in the backup at all.

But how can virtualmin loose track of databases on specific virtual servers and not all?


In my server2, one CMS threw this error message:
Error displaying the error page: Application Instantiation Error: No database selected SQL=SELECT session_id FROM #__session WHERE `session_id

which went away, after installing php5.6…

Although this error message leads to a config file, where one should put in the database connection credentials, which i did; made me scratch my head. But then i found out, that a plugin wasn’t compatible to php7, so i decided to install php5.6, which did the trick. Why everyone tells everybody to re-enter the database credentials, i don’t know, but i am glad, that i was able to fix it that easy, after hrs. of search.

Which leads me to the first questions: Why would virtualmin lose the connection to the databases in the first place?

Thanks and best