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so is virtualmin pro licensed to an IP address like cpanel is or no. the reason i ask is because my company is building a custom Ubuntu server distro to install on our servers at our new data-center. we need to include the virtualmin system on the iso file that will automatically install the pro on server install. Will require license activation during post install. I need to understand how the licensing works in order to modify the post installer properly.

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I am certainly not the best person to ask but I will add FWIW the usual recommendation for installing Virtualmin is to install it on a raw clean box. Personally I would not plan to install post installing anything. I suspect that is as true for the pro licence as it is for the gpl . I doubt very much if the licence ties to a specific IP (IPs are so interchangeable)

It is not. But, you’ll need a license per server deployed with Virtualmin Pro. You don’t need to ask our permission to move a license to a new IP or server, however. Our license server will notice the change and make some noise about it, but the warnings will clear automatically after a couple days once the old IP is no longer in service. The warnings do not restrict usage and are only visible to administrators (and us).

You shouldn’t need to think about licensing beyond just using your licenses in good faith, and you don’t need to check in with us when you make changes to your infrastructure or servers.

I Am aware. see we are building our own desktop and server distribution. W want to include the software with our server edition. which will have virtualmin pro pre-installed. Our goal is to build a computer OS which we are competing with Microsoft. we also build our own servers and we are going to attach the license to the server on a label. It is a new software we are building.

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