Virtualmin disappeared... I only have webmin access when I login (SOLVED)

The title says it all. Everything was working fine, and I was working with one of my virtual servers looking at logs etc… then when I refreshed the page I was greeted with a Webmin UI and the Virtualmin was gone.

The module is still there if I look in the server section along with my virtual servers (the multiple apache hosts) Now all I have is just webmin. I no longer have the virtualmin link in the upper left-hand corner, it is now just webmin.

I am perplexed and I have no where else to go, so I have to ask if you guys have any idea on what happened or what I should do? I am running on Debian Release 7.5

Thank you in advance for your help.

UPDATE: For whatever reason the theme I was using got deleted. I installed via webmin and everything is back to normal.

Thanks anyway.

Many thanks, i was just about to try and restore my server from an image (which i really didn’t want to do) and found your post, many thanks for that!

If it helps at all, i was trying to remove postgres from my system at the time, can’t see how that would delete a theme so probably a coincidence, just thought i’d mention it.

Many thanks once again, now i just have my OOM issue to resolve! :slight_smile:

jonny B