will be offline for maintenance

Howdy all,

I’m about to put the site into maintenance mode so that I can do some database work, to hopefully speed it up a little bit. The forums will continue to run, but you may not be able to post (authentication for the forum is handled by Drupal, even though the site itself runs Discourse on a different server). It’ll take maybe an hour or two.


In before everybody that’s going to tell you a better way to do it.

The better way to do it is to get rid of Drupal, but I can’t do that today. :wink:


Maintenance mode off. is running normally again (and hopefully a little faster).


Hey. I do not know if maintenance has anything to do with it, but currently we are not able to download the install script or install virtualmin.
Currently is giving a 404 and the virtualmin pre-release from github returns an ssl error.

No. Unrelated. Completely different servers.

I’m working on it.

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