server error 500. same time 2 afternoons in a row

hi guys,
is there any particular reason why I am getting URL error 500 when trying to browser the main webserver for a couple of hours the last 2 afternoons in a row?

I ran a mxtoolbox check and even it cannot access either the http or https index pages (so i dont believe the problem is from my end)

is there an issue with your server?

I am running UTC+10 AEST and UTC +11 Daylight savings time and it was down this afternoon about 4pm (i am not sure what time it went down but its happened on more than one occasion now…and has happened on and off for the last few weeks actually)

Hmm, that’s around 2am server time. It might be an issue with the backups, I’m not quite sure… I’ve shared that with Joe so he can look deeper into it.