offline this evening for updates

Howdy all,

I’m going to begin rolling out some updates to this evening, so the site will go offline for a little while. Probably an hour or so, but it’s impossible to guess with certainty. The site may go up and down a couple of times, as well, during that period, if I find something is too broken for me to tolerate it. I’m not rolling out the forum updates until they’ve had a bit more work, but most of the other components are getting some minor updates.

Note that our download server and the license server will continue to operate. This will have no impact on your systems running Virtualmin or installations that are started or running during the website down time. And, of course, data is not expected to be in any danger (and I’m making a fresh database backup as we speak).

Anyway, I’ll be taking the site offline in about an hour (which corresponds to 11PM Eastern time, and 8PM here on the west coast). It’s not our least trafficked time, but it’s a good compromise between low traffic, and me being awake enough to make sweeping changes to the site with reasonable confidence that I won’t do anything stupid.

Thanks for your patience.

OK, we’re mostly back up. The shop will remain offline for a little bit longer, as it’s a bit bigger update and I have to make sure our mambot for processing software sales is still working.

The ticket tracker has been upgraded to the latest version of both FlySpray and the Joomla bridge component. This will hopefully correct a few of the major issues with browser compatibility, among other things, as well as links in email and RSS feeds. It doesn’t fix the inability of users to mark issues private, so I’m going to add that one myself (it’s been a source of serious annoyance for some time). One important thing to note about the ticket tracker–the Joomla password database no longer uses the same format as the FlySpray password database…so it is no longer possible to use FlySpray directly. This is going to irritate a few users (OK, probably just one: Sorry, Scott…I’m trying to figure out a way to keep the direct interface working).

I’ve got a couple of more updates to make tonight, in addition to getting the shop fully updated, but I don’t think anything else requires the whole site to be down.


OK, the shop is back online. I’m not sure it actually works…but it kinda seems to in my testing. The shop is a bit uglier and busier than it used to be in some ways, and cleaner in others. I’m going to remove the excess ugly as soon as I figure out how.

I’ve also enabled PayPal payments in the shop…those I’m definitely not sure about, though in the PayPal sandbox is seems to be doing the right thing.

Gotta go get some sleep…but if you run into any problems placing orders or using the ticket tracker between now and 8 hours from now, don’t panic. File a ticket (or, if the tracker is where the trouble lies, email me at, and I’ll get it knocked out in the morning.