offline again for maintenance

Howdy all, continues to misbehave, and I’m trying to sort it out. It will hopefully be back online soon.


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Yeah, it took good 15 minutes to load to the point I just go to forum but the bloody login mess would not log me in… Whoever pressed to keep drupal as front, should be smacked like hadrcoore. This isn’t working… As from my Web dev eyes, and I am not alone.

So, you want to smack me?

Sure, bum or cheek - you decide :wink:

Any help I can offer to move out of drupal, please pm me.

OK, we’re back up.

I migrated us to a new virtual machine at a cloud provider, to get us off of the creaky 7 year old server it was on (which is the newest server we have in colo, the other is 10 years old).

Some things are going to be weird. Mail can’t possibly work right yet, so you won’t get notifications from the issue tracker yet. And you won’t be able to send us mail (it’ll hopefully queue up until I can get mail spinning again, but I am way too tired to try to fight with mail right now).

Also, if you placed an order for Virtualmin Pro sometime during the last day or so, it’s gonna be missing from your licenses and orders pages. I’ll have to manually go through and find all the missing orders and fix them up. Sorry about that.

This really sucked, but hopefully we won’t have any more troubles for a while. (The good news is backing up and restoring in Virtualmin mostly Just Worked, even when upgrading from CentOS 7 to CentOS 8 and from PHP5 to PHP7.)


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