Virtualmin check-config did not add ACLS to server admins to configure a newly installed version of PHP

OS type and version RHEL 7
Webmin version 1.981-1
Virtualmin version REQUIRED
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Howdy – we’re behind a bit on versions, I know (sorry about that) but:

We recently installed PHP 8.1 and ran ‘virtualmin check-config’. Everything worked just fine – virtualhosts were update, user directories updated, and the server admin user can, using Virtualmin, choose to use the newly installed PHP 8.1 in their website. (that feature is enabled for them all).

BUT: the server admin user is not allowed to use the ‘Services’ > ‘PHP 8.1 Configuration’ page (which does appear like the others). The error displayed is " You are not allowed to manage this PHP configuration file" – this is the case for all server owners already created when PHP 8.1 was installed and the check script was run.

For new server owners, created afterward, the ‘PHP 8.1 Configuration’ page works as expected.

Looking around, I was able to find on the Webmin side of the house, under the properties for one of the server owners, in the ‘PHP Configuration’ module under ‘module access control’ that the other PHP ini files were listed, but not one for PHP 8.1. I suspect I could add it there and fix the issue, but don’t want to do that since Virtualmin controls those users, and there are 1000+ of them, so it’d be prohibitive anyway.

Do you know of a more automated way that I can use to add the permissions to all my server admin users so they can edit the PHP 8.1 Configuration after logging into Virtualmin?

They can edit the ~/etc/php81/php.ini file on disk, so there’s a work around.

Thanks! I’m happy to clarify anything I’ve mangled above, just let me know : )


James, first of all, you need to install upgrades.

The latest Virtualmin version is 7.1 and Webmin is 1.994.

Yes, this is true, and we do have those versions available.

We have the same versions installed in our TEST instance, and our installation of PHP 8.1 there did not result in the same issue, so I’m a bit confused there.

We are now updating our TEST instance in preparation for updating production - do you think the post-install scripts will fix the permissions issue, or is there something else we can do to inject those ACLs into existing server admin users?


It’s going to be a few weeks before we can schedule the production upgrade – if you’ve something we can do to get the ACLs updated in the interim, that would help.


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