Virtualmin can't extract rar archives when unar is installed


OS: Debian 10
Webmin Version: 1.981
Virtualmin Version: 6.16

Virtualmin can’t extract rar archives when unar is installed. It gives a “Provided password is incorrect” error. Works fine with ONLY unrar installed.

you what ?? I mean who use rar anyways however you said it’s not working then it’s working? what you on about?

This Virtualmin version MUST be upgraded as soon as possible. This is super old version, and will not work as designed nowadays. The latest available version is 6.16 at the moment.

Thanks for reporting this. Fixed now. You could try this patch if you wish:

Thank you very much. I accidentally reported the wrong Virtualmin version, I assumed the package version would be the same, it’s a new server and the Virtualmin version is 6.16 :slight_smile:

I’ll try to test the patch in a little bit. Thanks for the quick patch.

Read my initial post again.

The package version is the same, or it should be. I assume, you’re looking at the wrong package, if you got 6.0.1. (wbm-virtual-server or webmin-virtual-server is the Virtualmin module package). But, the GUI provides version info, to, so you don’t need to check package versions.

Yes, it was my bad. I was looking at the version of virtualmin-core. webmin-virtual-server is 6.16 :slight_smile:

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