Virtualmin cannot open a folder

OS type and version ubuntu 20.04
Webmin version 1.942
Virtualmin version 6.09-3 Pro
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Lately, I have had a problem getting into heavy directories with the File Manger. while waiting for to folder to open the spinner is working but nothing heppends.
Please advice,

The latest versions of Webmin 1.990 and and Virtualmin 6.17 do not have such issues, as newer version of File Manager have configurable option on File Manager ⇾ Preferences: General defaults page for Maximum number of items in directory without using server pagination which is exactly what you’re looking for.

Please upgrade Webmin and Virtualmin to the latest versions as soon as possible by running:

apt-get update && apt-get upgrade
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I already updated to the last versions, I know Virtualmin for a long time and I’m familiar with the file manager options. It’s something else…
I can see the folder content via SSH but it is stuck on this folder.

How many files do you have in this folder?

Are there any errors printed on the console when you try to enter that directory?

Also, could you share some screenshots?

I don’t get errors, see attached screens.

Screenshot from 2022-03-17 12-51-05

It’s the absolutely ridiculous number of themes you have in there that are causing it. Each theme has within it hundreds of files, sometimes thousands. It’s trying to index every single one of them when you try to open the themes folder and your server isn’t up to the task.


where do you see the OP ram and cpu plus OS running the stuff - claiming server is not able to up to task? can you point me blank point to this to prove your words? - THANKS!

@Gomez_Adams also if you cannot point your reply to something real please leave pro users to virtualmin staff ( I am not part of them )

Common sense and experience. That’s the only thing that causes that delay. I’ve seen it before. Do you not see the ASTRONOMICALLY long list of VERY HEAVY themes he’s got in his themes folder? And we can only see up to the “c’s” for crying out loud.

The bare bones Astra theme alone has roughly 1000 files and 300 folders in it.

I would like to be polite here - I and many of us dont see your experience here and there… regarding this case or ticket or support forum post - as I asked you - where do you see the OP ram and cpu plus OS running the stuff ?? I assume that you do read command line output plus the questions asked by OP - so where do you have your concision coming from?? I can assure you that I do see long astronomical and very heavy list of the themes - which sits there wp does not actually use them - so again - what are you point to? my server with 4 gigs ram and simple pentum 4 was able handle it no issues - the question is as someone else pointed - your reply is pointless… OP have different issue asking here - you should not need to reply as it is well above your knowledge. - just saying and illia already have seen it ready…

I would agree with @Gomez_Adams 's assessment.

Either the server is not up to the task or there is a bug in Virtualmin file manager. If you refute the one, @unborn then it must be the other Are you then saying that the OP’s server is indeed up to the task and it is due to a bug in Virtualmin that the list of files does not display / folder does not open?

Which is it, @unborn ?

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Y’all stop all this bickering. It’s not helping anybody. I’ve removed four comments, and will close this topic. I don’t think anything else useful will come of it.

Ilia knows about the issue, there is a config option for mitigating the problem, which Ilia has mentioned above.