Virtualmin breaking mariadb installation

Im using Ubuntu 18.04, before installing Virtualmin i have installaed MariaDB which started fine. After installing Virtualmin it broke my MariaDB installation and i cant even start it!

What’s going on? I was informed Virtualmin works with both MYSQL and MARIADB and now doesnt work?

Virtualmin supports both the MariaDB/MySQL and PostgreSQL database servers, but you might want to run only one (or neither) on your system. Each consumes RAM when running, even if they are not being used.
Depending on the websites and applications you plan to host, running MariaDB/MySQL only may be enough, as most web applications do not support or require PostgreSQL. If your system will only be used for mail or DNS hosting, there is no need to run either.

Run MariaDB/MySQL database server? Yes (more RAM used, needed for most non-static websites)
No (less RAM used)
Run PostgreSQL database server? Yes (more RAM used, needed for some web applications)
No (less RAM used)

Im using
Webmin version 1.900 Usermin version 1.751
Virtualmin version 6.05 Pro

Update: So if anyone needs to install mariadb over mysql and has some errors you might want to do the following:

  • Install MariaDB as normal
  • Install VirtualMin (will replace MariaDB with MySQL
  • apt-get update / apt-get upgrade / apt autoremove (if needed)
  • apt-get install mariadb-server mariadb-client (will auto remove mysql)
  • apt-get update / apt-get upgrade / apt autoremove (if needed again)
  • Run mysql -u root -p to verify MariaDB is up and running or systemctl status mariadb.service

After all that go into Virtualmin control panel recheck and run configuration and it will setup your MySQL as MariaDB


Virtualmin does indeed support both, though the thing we primarily test is that it works with whatever the default is for your particular OS/version.

The two issues there are –

The installer is designed to be run on a freshly installed version of your distro.

Some newer versions of MySQL/MariaDB use different password schemes and may not be fully supported.

Which MariaDB version is it that’s installed there? I’ll check with Jamie to see if Virtualmin has support for it.


Also i have just noticed it’s using mysql config and not maria db at all so i might have configurations messed up =/

You need to update “Edit Config Files” path with proper pathing in this case… mariadb.cnf (global defaults) in my case for mariadb which than loads “50-server.cnf” as MariaDB-only options

Any way for me to do that? At Virtualmin Edit Config Files path i mean to proper path

Btw shouldnt “MySQL Server Configuration” be named as MariaDb Server Configuration at all?

PS: i made it work for remote access now as well by commenting bind_address = which is default setting for MariaDB right now -> which opens up remote access port

Server version: 10.1.34-MariaDB-0ubuntu0.18.04.1 Ubuntu 18.04

Sorry to hijack this thread however there are already so many open regarding MariaDB that I hesitate to open another.

With all due respect, Andrey’s reply appears to contradict itself. First he claims that Virtualmin supports MariaDB then he claims that it does not support newer versions due to password issues. He does not specify which versions those are.

Unfortunately, almost doesn’t count so we must take that as a NO and advise Virtualmin, Inc. to remove the marketing claims to reduce confusion and ticket load. No big deal – there are always trade-offs to have the convenience of a CP.

Of greater concern to my mind is that Virtualmin, Inc. seems to be forgetting that the market for their product are non-technical persons who install Virtualmin et al to get away from the command line. As far away and as fast as possible. So I recommend that Virtualmin, Inc. choose the most widely used systems service packages and make them install-time options.

MariaDB would seem to be such a widely used package.

On the other hand, I would recommend against Virtualmin pursuing LEMP for several reasons that I will list briefly here but can go into Product Manager-level detail in a separate thread upon request. Firstly, Nginx is not a drop-in replacement for Apache so a huge undertaking in terms of development resources and ongoing maintenance for Virtualmin, Inc. Second, Nginx is unfamiliar to the bulk of your client base who are likely coming from cPanel hosting. Third Nginx does not play well with some key WordPress plugins. Fourth, most of the performance benefits can be obtained by running an Nginx front-end. And, #5, it may be a lot cheaper to spend a little more per month and run Apache on a properly sized VPS.

Or on a cheap dedi. We exclusively host on dedicated servers because it became insulting to have hosting providers pull 1000 vCores out of 2x6 core hardware. Our “customers” are poor non-profit Filipino organizations who cannot afford cPanel licenses. Our donors provide them hosting company-sized servers (donors pay $99/mo). Monster 20 core/40 thread 256 GB RAM cost them well-under $199. The latter includes NVMe :slight_smile: So we are rightfully proud of our efforts.

So please help us drop-in MariaDB because the one thing we cannot get funding for is technical support and Virtualmin is awesome enough that they should not need much.

Thanking the hardworking Virtualmin staff in advance for their kind assistance.