Virtualmin behind router, namecheap and 2 web sites


  1. I am behind router.

  2. My External IP is (for example) and my internal is (for example)

  3. I create 2 virtual ip adreses: :

Domain name -


Domain name -

  1. My domain names are in

How to configure this 2 sites in virtualmin? ( I want to install forums for them, but for this i have Url forwarding - Url frame and only one External IP

I want help.

Thank you!


Hello Ned,

Please fix your port forwarding with your router first to make sure they works and ports are opened for your tasks.

To make sure that they works, try your external ip from the browser if it will get to the designated server.
If it does not, … you will see your default router’s operation window.
From there creating 2 vServers normally then go back to make edit the vservers with your ip’s etc.
Very simple i think.

only 44 hours new with Virtualmin.


Thank you richieking78!

After week of configuring Debian, Webmin, Virtualmin, namecheap, 2 domains and router, i have working hosting cervices with email and everyting!!! Thank you VIRTUALMIN!!!

Webmin and Virtualmin works perfect!!!