VIRTUALMIN Behind PFSENSE Firewall/router

**Operating system:UBUNTU Server
**OS version:20.04.1

I have installed Virtualmin behind pfsense firewall and I want to control all incoming and outgoing traffic from there. I tried to disable FirewallD and Linux Firewall but when I restart all coming back online again.

How to permanently disable or remove if that possible those firewalls
I don’t understand them and I don’t need to

Thank you

I didn’t know firewalld was even used on Ubuntu. Last time I used it it used something called ufw, which I’m guessing stands for Ubuntu firewall. Have you tried checking the ufw status?

$ sudo ufw status

You may be trying to disable something that doesn’t exist.


well it did come with Virtualmin package. How do I know that firewall then until I installed Virtualmin I never new that FirewallD ever existed :slight_smile:

sudo apt purge firewallD. I do it all the time on virtualmin, since I use different firewall. Then refresh webmin modules or restart machine.

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I’m guessing they do that for consistency’s sake across distros. In any case, @scotwnw seems to have your solution.


What about Linux firewall how do I remove it as well

Thank you

For the Linux firewall…

Click reset firewall, set to allow all traffic, and check the box NO for activate at boot

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