Virtualmin backups running very slow

My Virtualmin scheduled backups have started to run very slowly, the one for last night took over 13 hours for 55.73 GB whereas before it would take around 3 hours.

It is not just one occurrence but I’m not entirely sure when this started and if it was after updating Virtualmin / Webmin to the latest versions.

This is on a fast server Intel® Xeon® CPU E5-2620 v3 @ 2.40GHz, 24 cores with 32GB RAM and 4TB drives.

I appreciate this is not easy to answer I was just wondering if there have been any other reports of this happening.

Virtualmin 5.04.gpl
Webmin 1.810

I am currently looking into slow running (then actually silently failing) backups and am tracking it down to the “deleting old backups” part of the process from a rackspace container.

You don’t give enough info to tell if this may be your problem too. What is your backup destination? Do you have “delete old backups” configured? How many domains are included? Are there any errors in the logs?

If this sounds like your problem you could check out (there could be some debuging tips there anyway) otherwise give the extra info as it might help get a better reply.

Good luck :slight_smile:

One thing you guys could do is run the backup manually in the foreground… then you could see all the output, and track down where the time is being taken.

I’ve seen occasions where directories full of many small files can really cause backups to slow down (meaning, hundreds of thousands of small files).

An example of that is a temp directory that’s not being cleaned out.


Thanks for the replies and apologises for the late response.

Backups are full backups to another drive attached to the server and is not using delete old backups. The sites which are slow to backup are ones which have a lot of email but this doesn’t explain the variation in time which it takes at times which can be 3 or 4 hours different.