VirtualMin Backup & SSH Port

Anyone know how to specify the SSH Port that Virtualmin/Webmin use for sending backups to other servers?

I’ve tried putting hostname:port in the “SSH server” field, but the port is not saved (only the hostname appears after saving).

Hey Tim,

Are you running the latest version? I’m almost certain this was added in 3.26 or 3.28. If not, I think it was supposed to be, and we’ll correct it in 3.30 (3.29 is already in QC on my dev machines, to be released tonight so won’t have time to get it).

Here are the version numbers:

Webmin version 1.306
Virtualmin version 3.28

I updated to v3.30 and it "partially" works now.

If I run a manual backup, specifying hostname:port, it’s fine. However, when I try to have that backup scheduled, it does not save the “:port” information.

I just updated (v3.31) and this still doesn’t work right. It does not save the “:port” information and tries to use the default port instead (Port 22).

Any ETA on this working?

Thanks for finding this - custom ports did work at some time in the past, but a recent code change must have broken it. Virtualmin 3.32 will fix it … and it should out in about a week.