Virtualmin backup none to backup error

OS type and version 22
Webmin version 2.111
Virtualmin version 7.10.0
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I have configured scheduled backup which is worked file earlier, for some reasons since last two days getting the backups in kbs only when I check the logs it showing none to backup and the webmin dashboard not showing the versions and its saying your system not ready to use virtualmin…etc
whats happening ?

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Just before the message “Your system is not ready to be used by Virtualmin” would be some indication as to why it is not ready. If you would provide us with that information, we could tell you what needs to be fixed.

If scheduled backups are not working normally, could you do a manual backup and see if it works?

We need more info from you and relevant log entries to be able to answer your question about what’s going on.

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manual backups also did not work at that time but i dont know whats changed the backups are working now.

Ok, the backups are now being done. That is a positive development, even if it has begun again as mysteriously as it had stopped.

And what about the other quirks in the system? Is the version showing correctly on the dashboard? Do you still see the message ‘system is not ready to be used by Virtualmin’?

If not, you should take a backup while you can and restore on a new / different system with no known quirks.

See this recent discussion which we had: