Virtualmin backup-domain program features?

The Virtualmin backup-domain refers to “features”. This documentation is here:

It’s unclear how to get a list of these features. For example, if I just want to backup and restore email, what would that feature be called? Mail? Email?

Update: I tried specifying “mail” and this backs up accounts, no data. How would I back up mail and data?

I tried googling to find a list of features but no luck so far.

Good question, they need a --feature help command.

Its just like the backup in Virtualmin, looks le you have to backup all of the home directory. Like in the docs you need to add --feature dir as well to backup the mail but you also get webpages etc.

Could the features be the same as the ones generated with the “virtualmin list-features --name-only --subdom” command ?

Another way is to run the --test backup and --all-features arg. This does generate all the features which are more than the ones provided by list-features. A small inconsistency. I think some more testing may be useful.

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