Virtualmin Backup Assistance

Hi, I am using Virtualmin as backup, noticed that even if backup job fails, ex. There are currently 3 backups running, and the system-wide limit is 3, Virtualmin proceeds with execution of custom script within " Command to run after backup" section.

Can you please assist how to overlap this issue? Thank you!


It would worth trying to avoid errors on backups anyway. Aside from it, it would be good to have an environmental variable set on error, which later script could read. I don’t think it’s the case now. @Jamie Could we do something about it?

Thank you for your reply, the env variable must be set by Virtualmin, in few words system could set a variable based on backup job result.

I’ll have Virtualmin set the variable BACKUP_STATUS to 1 or 0 depending on whether it succeeded or not, which you can reference in the backup script.

Hi Jamie, what do you mean by "I’ll have Virtualmin set the variable "? It’s already this variable available within Virtualmin or will added within future releases?

Upcoming Virtualmin release, as Jamie just added it.

Thank you very much!!!

Hello again, do you have any estimation when you will go live with the release? Thank you!

You would have to wait a little bit or apply the patch manually, if you know what you’re doing.

I can manually make the changes within the files, if this is what you mean.