Virtualmin AWstats daily reports

OS type and version Ubuntu Linux 22.04.3
Webmin version 2.102
Virtualmin version 7.7
Related packages virtualmin-awstats

I want to add daily reports to my AWStats monthly and yearly reports. Meaning to run awstats also with the parameter -DatabaseBreak=day in the command line.

I fount the following configuration for virtualmin-awstats:
byday=Generate by day stats (not only month and year),1,1-Yes,0-No

I tried to add this parameter (byday=1) to:
or to:

but it didn’t work: when I run AWStats from virtualmin’s awstats configuration page, it only created the monthly reports as before.

Any suggestions?

Enable “Update from browser” in /etc/awstats/awstats.conf.local

Than update from there, but you’ll have to wait a bit so have patience (I also put EnableLockForUpdate=1 in local to not mess up the reports - it shows me if an update is running)

And you’ll have your daily reports. Is more of AWStats than a Virtualmin problem…

Hope that helps

I also use awstats from Debian if that makes a difference (it does for me on Ubuntu 22). You may be using 7.8.2.
7.9 seem to be better even for your other post (Virtualmin AWstats GeoIP configuration bug and solution)

Thanks for the information about the 7.9 version, which also includes newer robots list.
Thanks also for the “Update from browser” tip. Unfortunately, it only updates for me the last day, while the previous days have all the values as zero. Maybe it only process the last log file and not the zipped ones? Or maybe it is because it only updates the logs from when the last monthly report was generated?

Try to fully regenerate awstats reports, than update the dailies, it works for me and I can see the data for all days server was up.
Make a backup first of your awstats folders, but I think that if you choose "Delete all data files and re-generate from original logs? " will regenerate all data from awstats logs so doesn’t matter if the original server logs are long gone (my apache logs are purged daily, but I can regenerate the reports).

And a note, GeoIP databases could be updated weekly by cron if setup correctly, so even GeoIP data is updated from within awstats for dailies (this is how I checked that the reports were generated ok).

But my server is for testing so I have little traffic and I don’t need to wait to much to generate reports, you may need more time to wait to finish processing. Maybe raise PHP execution time to unlimited and drink a coffee meanwhile until reports are generated ok.

Edit: I still have to see how I can do it from CLI, and for testing purposes I took a look at Matomo and GoAccess stats (I don’t really like google…)

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