Virtualmin as a free cPanel/Plesk alternative?

I see there’s a Virtualmin module in WHMCS. Is it for shared hosting or cloud servers? Also, is it really free, or there are some features available only on a paid plan?


Virtualmin is for shared hosting.

For cloud servers, see Cloudmin.

Virtualmin GPL has more features and more options than most commercial web hosting control panels.

There is a commercial version of Virtualmin called Virtualmin Pro. Most of the features that are not in GPL are either targeted at people who make money with Virtualmin (e.g. reseller accounts), or features that require so much ongoing maintenance as to be impossible to do without some sort of funding (e.g. the larger selection of installable web applications). Many of the cloud-oriented features are also only in the Pro version (e.g. most cloud-hosted DNS options).

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