Virtualmin API written in PHP: results of our research


We want to manage Virtualmin via an API from a PHP script.

So we analyzed all the Open Source options we could find, and we identified the best as being:

It is available from:

You can see more details here: WikiSuite | PHP code for Virtualmin

We will start using, and contributing to it.

Please join us!



Virtualmin already exposes a Remote API which can be used with other languages. It can return JSON responses and queried using CURL for instance.

No need to reinvent the wheel unless the project mentioned does something better, which if true should be shared so perhaps it might be considered for future API enhancements.

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The library wraps calls to the Virtualmin remote API in an organized set of classes and methods. It also makes compatible to Laravel programming API. The calls are all made the same way using PHP curl and parsed using json_decode. It is a good library to start creating PHP applications and interact with Virtualmin.



Sounds good, glad people find it useful. Personally, I find it a bit like “reinventing the wheel” but then again I write my own wrapper code for use with my PHP apps so perhaps if you rely on things like Laravel there is merit.

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