Virtualmin Apache Logs file permissions

I’ve messed around with apache weblogs (I don’t like to have weekly rotation aka loosing records and 5-10 files called access_log.1.gz, access_log.2.gz and so on… I like it all in one file for parsing and other reasons), after downloading and uploading it back again via ftp-client I think I’ve ruined files chmod’s, chown’s.
What exact rights for access_log & error_log should be for particular web site (I have number of them)?
Is it suppose to be rights 100644? And owner particular one for this website like websiteuser1:websiteuser1 or apache:apache?
Looks to me like Apache can’t write in to logs anymore. For two days I’ve got no records in these files even after I have tried to access my websites from different ips/browsers/etc. It doesnt seem to be writing anything in these logs.
Help really appreciated!<br><br>Post edited by: rulez22, at: 2009/01/16 13:40

It looks like by default, the $HOME/logs/ directory is "750" and owned by root. The log files themselves are "644", and owned by the individual user.

Regarding rotations – you can tweak the frequency of that in /etc/logrotate.conf, or by going into Webmin -> System -> Log File Rotation.