Virtualmin and Webserver Backups

What I really want is a mysqldump of each website (respectively) and all site files (respectively) put into a tarball in a directory on the same box. I would like it to be overwritten each day.

So, I would have


I would then pull from a FreeNAS box via rsync for daily, weekly, and monthly backups.

I would probably backup those up to S3 or something as well.

This way, if a client needs a backup from, say a week a week, ago. I can simply put clientsite05012019.tar into Dropbox or something and let them deal with it. Or, of course, I can upload/import that site myself.

  1. Is this a feasible way to back up sites? (Having 1 daily backup on the webserver and several others on your LAN/some other cloud storage)?

  2. Does Virtualmin support a per-site backup? Or do I have to write a script to do it?


You can use the Backup and Restore menu on the bottom left of the navigation panel to setup backup schedules… it’s no problem to have Virtualmin generate backups that include a tar backup of your files, and a mysql dump of the database. That’s all part of the standard Virtualmin backup. By default that’s done on a per-domain basis.

You can also setup remote backup destinations, so if some days you want it at S3, or a remote SSH destination, you could always have Virtualmin upload it to your destination of choice.