Virtualmin and Ubuntu 16.04


I have install Virtualmin on a clean Ubuntu 16.04 server but i seems to have problem whit my wordpress sites when i use this mix. All the page end up whit 404 errrors except for the front and admin page. What could be wrong?


Is it just WordPress you’re seeing issues with? Or are all websites experiencing issues?

Also, are you seeing an access attempt in $HOME/logs/access_log?


I dont know i only use Worpdress sites. The only thing i know that everything works like it should on my CentOS Linux 7.2.1511 system but when i move my site over to the new server that use Ubuntu 16.04 i end up whit this problem.

Yes i do see access attempt in the log file.


You may want to see if you can setup a new domain on your server, and just add a test script in that domain… something like test.php, with the following contents:

<?php phpinfo(); ?>

When accessing that test.php script, that will show whether PHP is working properly.


Yes it is working like it should i have try that already. I have even try to reinstall everything two times and i end up whit the same problem.

Though it is not possible to say what are the issue , ( error log would be more helpful ) , can you check mod_rewrite is enabled or not . also you can backup your existing .htaccess file and regenerate new one going to by changing permalink from wordpress dashboard . It is my guess that problem with mod_rewrite or in .htaccess because both frontend and admin pages working fine .
Another important fact is , WHAT is the version of wordpress you are using ? is it too old ? In that case code base may not support php 7 ( i am not wordpress user so i have no idea From which version wordpress has full support for php 7 .)
also some less maintained plugin that you may using may not already updated to support php 7 .

Finally error log can help you to identify the real issue


How can i check that the mod_rewrite is enable? I have check the error log and it give me no information. I have also try to delete the .htaccess and change the permalink but nothing happens. I use the lates wordpress version and i use PHP 7 on the server i using now.

just “sudo a2enmod rewrite”
If it’s not activated, it will activate it, if it is, then it will tell you it is.

Yes that fix the problem.