virtualmin and the use of other ports

hello all -

i am not sure how to ask this question so please bear with me.

i am looking at the use of ruby and node.js. both of these seem to have their own “server” running alongside apache.

when i am using the virtualmin virtual server, and somebody references a url something like:

is using the port numbers totally bypassing virtualmin? in other words, if i were to shut down the apache server as an experiment, would my ruby and node.js programs continue to function, totally independently from apache?

sorry this should be an easy question, but its got me stumped.

the more i think about it, the more i get the impression that ruby and node.js have nothing to do with apache and therefore nothing to do with virtualmin.

it appears to be a bit like gui-mysql, ftp and ssh – these dont seem to have anything to do with apache.

any opinions?