Virtualmin and rspamd

it seems there are a few users who are running Virtualmin and rspamd but unfortunately I couldn’t find any setup documentation. Could someone maybe write some short how-to? Would be much appreciated! Thanks! :slight_smile:


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There is very little unique in a Virtualmin deployment with regard to mail filtering.

You can set it up as a filter in Postfix (as the rspamd folks document it here: MTA integration) or you can set it up with Procmail to allow users to control what is done with the results from the filter (MTA integration).

The latter would look roughly the same as the SpamAssassin and clamdscan rules in Procmail. Using Procmail is more flexible, as it allows per-user and per-domain decisions about what happens to mail that’s been identified as spammy. But, also somewhat more resource intensive…but if you’re using the standard Virtualmin mail and AV, you’re already paying that price.

Hi Joe,

I installed rspamd and redis-server, added the milter settings to the Postfix main.conf and the Apache directives to the user I’m testing this with. But I think it would be better thru Procmai in terms of per Domain adjustable spam score if possible? I have no clue what to enter in the Procmail Filter settings though.

Furthermore I get below error in rspamd I couldn’t find a hint either. This pops up in the rspamd panel with every new email coming in:

The other thing I don’t know is what would I have to select for the virtual server settings regarding Antispam and Antivirus? Disabling Antspam only works if I also disable Antivirus.

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