Virtualmin and Prestashop Multishop

OS type and version Debian 10
Webmin version 1.999
Virtualmin version 7.1-1 Pro
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I’ve spent quite a time to figure out how to configure Virtualmin to use the Prestashop Multishop and maybe someone else can have use from what I’ve learned.

  • Create
  • Install Prestashop under public_html so the path will be /home/maindomain/public_html/Prestashop
  • Create some Categories and Products
  • Activate Multishop
  • Go to Advanced Settings/Multishop
  • Create a shop with the domain
  • In Virtualmin, create the domain and create webpages (no DB is needed)

To have this up running, the filesystem path in must be /home/maindomain/public_html/Prestashop and not /home/seconddomain/public_html

Furthermore, the User and Group must be the ones of and I could not find any way to do this from within the Virtualmin interface so I had to go to /etc/apache2/sites-available/ and do the changes manually. What i did was to

  • Change SuexecUserGroup to be the values for
  • Change all directory paths from /home/seconddomaine/public_html to /home/maindomaine/public_html/Prestashop

When typing the URL in the browser, Prestashop gave an error (when doing this procedure you should have Prestashop in debug mode otherwise it will just give an 500-error) telling that a certain folder in var/cache is not writable. I changed the folder rights for that folder from 755 to 775 and so, the shop was up running.

Maybe Virtualmin staff can give a better way of doing this than manually modyfing the .conf file, but I was proposed to use domain Alias, but that is not a good choise because then certificates can’t be used and there are some other issues in Prestashop popping up.