Virtualmin and Let's Encrypt

So any info if Virtualmin is looking at this direction and possible new module?

Yup! We’re very interested in that project, and looking into it’s use in Virtualmin.


Great news Eric. I’m little annoyed with all this story around ssl cert and the price i must pay.

We have official dates: Hope you guys will jump in as soon as become available for everyone.

Thanks, I’ve added the September 14th launch date to my calendar!

While I don’t have an exact date for when we’ll be able to offer support for that, we hope that it will be as near the September launch as possible.

I’ve also added it to my notes so that we can talk about it at our meeting this week.


As provider of one of well know control panels maybe you should contact them and get some early access to see how everything works and give you time to prepare for official launch.