Virtualmin and LAMP Redundancy

At the moment my server is down and is being re built by me uploading the backup files of 16 websites hosting on my server at 20.6kb/sec. I need to get some redundancy built into my system.

I am hosting these sites of a single VPS, but after i have worked these problems out i will be purchasing 3 VPS’s.

I use a LAMP stack and over these 3 new servers i need a way of providing some redundancy, the connection between them will just be a internet connection.

At this time i get my clients to add a A record on their domain which just points to my servers IP.

I want them to use my DNS server on two separate machines

so for example > 145.443.234.12 > 145.443.234.13

But each of these servers has to run the websites, files. How do i keep the files the same and the settings of virtualmin the same on both of these servers?

How do i get the DNS name servers to work on client domains?

On the third server i will put MySQL and Email. Which somehow i will have to link into the first two servers.

How on earth do i go about doing this?

Sorry about these questions like this, but i can’t let this go on with real paying clients, i don’t really expect to have a business after todays event. And i don’t have the premisses to run cluster servers over a gigabit network. Otherwise i would do that.

Thanks, David

Before going into details about a possible true synchronized redundancy setup, which can be quite complicated to achieve, my question is: if you’re seriously hosting sites for clients, does your VPS provider not offer on-site FTP backup space?

It would be much easier to perform FTP backups of your Virtualmin domains at regular intervals. In case of hardware failure, just install a new Linux and Virtualmin, which takes maybe 15 minutes, and do a config and domain restore from the (at least 300 times faster) backup FTP server instead of your home system…

Except you’re supposed to offer 99,999% availability to your clients, and 30 minutes downtime - in the rare case of server failure that requires a reinstall - is not acceptable. :slight_smile: