Virtualmin and Certbot

I read some of the guides that use the old letsencrypt client.

Letsencrypt now recommends using certbot as per, but certbot seems to be incompatible with Virtualmin as letsencrypt stores cert files in /etc/letsencrypt/live, while Virtualmin stores them under /home/username/…

Anyone successfully using certbot with letsencrypt?

I would not say successfully yet, but I had a couple of domains that wouldn’t auto renew or manually renew with letsencrypt/virtmin. Installed certbot and it worked for those 2 domains the first time. So I’m running certbot manually and manually copying the certs to the folder virtualmin is expecting.

I got certbot to work with certonly update specifying the cert path… Would be nice to have Virtualmin auto do this :stuck_out_tongue: