Virtualmin and awstats

i’m using virtualmin on a FC2 since ages…
recently i had to reinstall the machine hosting many websites, and i used a debian distro. I installed awstats from .deb, webmin, virtualmin, and the awstats virtualmin plugin

in the past, i did the awstats configuring by hand, but now i would like to use the awstats plugin.

i’ve encountered a few problems.

  1. when i “activate” the awstats in a virtual site, it makes a ~/awstats dir, with user:group permissions, and its fine… but if i try to do an awstats UPDATE via browser, it complains about being not able to write a .tmp file. I now made the awstats dir with www-data:group permission and it’s working fine… but it’s not fine for secirity issues.

  2. my web sites are in the form and have an alias of when awstats plugin make the config files, it use the name. that means that my customers have to go to site to see their stats, and not site, that show a missing config file. How i can show the stats both calling www. and not www. ?
    i’m pretty sure in the past i had it working in that way. Now i’m renaming all config files and data files with www. inside thir name.

Sorry for my english

ok… i’ve tested that plugin more intensively, and i have found that

  1. the plugin will make a non www config file, and a ln to it with www… so both are the same config file

but now, if i call the it will not find the non www data files… that means:

calling the url without www gives all the statistics
calling the url with www gives 0 statistics (0 data files)

it’s nice talking to myself :slight_smile:

i’ve worked out about all my problems… some are solved and some i’ll not worry about right now…
only one is still bugging me…

I want to get rid of the acces to statistics, and let users see awstats onyl through webmin. But… how to remove the /awstat alias put in every site in apache conf by virtualmin? how to DONT copy the in every site’s cgi-bin ? i tried setting the /awstats alias to another directory in general apache config, but it is overloaded by individual site config…